Errant: Hunter’s Soul 猎魂觉醒

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Errant: Hunter’s Soul Gold is purchased through trading in the market.

– Delivery Instruction

  1. Listing Horse / Necklace / Ring / Stones in the market for the amount you order.
  2. Send us the screenshot of your item you sell and receive your Errant Hunter Soul gold!

Steps :
1.  Go to the market and sell items (ex. Horse (Recommended), Rings, Stone)

2. Sell the horse depending on the amount you order, please contact live chat upon listing your item, make sure to tick bargain available.









3.  Upload the horse image like the picture below while checkout and provide your IGN (In-Game-Nickname)









4. Wait for 8 hours (Publicize) and we will purchase your horse as soon as possible.


Disclaimer: We do not cover the trading fees in market sales.

Additional information


Gems, Gold


Silverfall, 阿瓦隆


Silverfall, 阿瓦隆, 130 Soul Gems, 300 Soul Gems, 730 Soul Gems, 1520 Soul Gems, 3060 Soul Gems, 4400 Soul Gems, 7500 Soul Gems

9 reviews for Errant: Hunter’s Soul 猎魂觉醒

  1. kyle

    Very fast and cheap. Good service and nice customer support.

  2. pearlielkrieger

    Very fast service! Great !

  3. megatadam

    good service! Come again soon!

  4. godhuntere (verified owner)

    Cepat dan murah bagus

  5. ezaapple89 (verified owner)

    Shopping is very easy on this site, also very reliable, many discussions with the admin via live chat to facilitate the purchase of gold here

  6. wong chee hou (verified owner)

    not bad

  7. altarplunderer21 (verified owner)

    Nice…, I’d like to order again soon

  8. alif.vivi (verified owner)

    Trusted and very friendly admin and i’d like to order again soon

  9. Jani (verified owner)

    Service is good. But late transaction the payment gold. Need to make better for this one.

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