Maplestory M Mesos

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MapleStory M Mesos Trading Method:
  1. Buy Maplestory M Mesos at
  2. Next, sell a unique item and list amount based on the price you ordered.
  3. After item listed, contact MooGold LiveChat and submit the screenshot with the order number.

Please refer to the example below on how to submit a screenshot to MooGold LiveChat:


When you are listing, you are required to put 3 random numbers behind. (Ex. 100 M – 100, 000 , 345)

Additional Note :

  • We do not cover the tax. (10 % sale price fee)
  • Due to the registration time, it takes approximately 30 minutes for your item to be listed.
  • Due to the new Maplestory M policy, you are only allowed to list unique item.

Additional information


Mesos, Diamonds


America, Asia 1, Asia 2, Europe


America, Croa(克羅亞), America, Luna (露娜), America, Scania (斯卡尼亞), America, Union (聯盟), America, Zenith (傑尼斯), Asia 1, Croa(克羅亞), Asia 1, Luna (露娜), Asia 1, Scania (斯卡尼亞), Asia 1, Union (聯盟), Asia 1, Zenith (傑尼斯), Asia 2, Croa(克羅亞), Asia 2, Luna (露娜), Asia 2, Scania (斯卡尼亞), Asia 2, Union (聯盟), Asia 2, Zenith (傑尼斯), Europe, Croa(克羅亞), Europe, Luna (露娜), Europe, Scania (斯卡尼亞), Europe, Union (聯盟), Europe, Zenith (傑尼斯), 175 Crystals, 315 Crystals, 1050 Crystals, 1750 Crystals, 3150 Crystals


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