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Delivery instruction for Pokemon GO Raid service:

  1. Please ensure that your account does not spin Pokestops OR catch any pokemon for 2 hours.
  2. Place your order at MooGold.com and contact live chat with your order number.
  3. Next, change your password and send your login id and password to us at live chat.
  4. After raid service complete, You SHOULD CHANGE your password back to your usual password and ensure the service is being delivered to you.

Why buy Raid Service from us?

  1. Raid Battles’ goal is to defeat a powerful Pokémon. If you and your fellow Trainers are successful, you’ll be rewarded with special items and a chance at catching that Pokémon.
  2. We are highly skilled professionals who will help you to capture your favorite pokemon with a high success rate.


  1. No premium pass is required (We will provide premium pass)
  2. If the Pokemon is failed to capture, no refunds will be given after the service is provided.
  3. Do NOT login to the accounts 2 hours before / after the service is provided.
  4. Do NOT login to the account while service is provided, this will highly lead to account block/suspension.
  5. We are not responsible for any account block/suspension if you do not follow the rules given above.
  6. The following pokemon is NOT eligible :
  • Darkrai

3 reviews for Pokemon GO

  1. MuhammedHadi

    Fast Delivery, but have to wait 4 hours in between.

  2. Andy Lau

    Nice! I just got my shiny Lugia!

  3. Chew

    Good Service!

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