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Delivery Instruction

Delivery Instruction for 支付宝 Alipay Reload :

  1. Place an order for the amount of RMB you want.
  2. After payment made, contact MooGold live chat for the delivery.

What is Alipay?

Alipay is an eWallet payment method, a secure place where the shoppers can store funds to send and receive online.

Using Alipay

  1. Retail Outlets – Most retail outlets in China these days have dedicated scanners that can accept Alipay or Wechat payments.
  2. Person-to-person payments – You do not need to have a dedicated reader in order to make payments using Alipay. As long as the other person has a smartphone and an Alipay account, you can transfer money to them. This works well if you want to transfer money to a friend. But it also works well for things like paying for a taxi.
  3. Making online payments- You can make online payments with Alipay for websites like Taobao, Ali-Express, etc. The guide shown here.

Alipay Reload Service

Please fill in your account details in the order Remarks for us to deliver:

  • Alipay ID:
  • Name:
  • Amount Purchased:

Kindly re-confirm your account details to avoid any unnecessary delay of delivery.

Note :

  1. This reload service is for Chinese Yuan (RMB)
  2. You are required to verify your Alipay account before making an order.
  3. If you do not have an  Alipay account, you can send us the QR/Email of the person, we can pay to him directly.
  4. Please do not make payment with PayPal as MooGold will not proceed with the reload service.
  5. You may place multiple quantities of orders if you wish to purchase more, do not need to separate the orders.

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  1. mr.borongborong

    Good Service

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    快速, 好

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    谢谢你们不嫌我麻烦,很有耐心的一步一步教我怎么做。最后更帮了我一个大忙。其实你们没有必要帮我,因为那不是你们分内之事。所以你们这种有责任感,有效率又不怕吃亏的卖家,绝对值得꒰ ˘͙ ᵌ˘͙꒱♡5?????好评??( ̄ε(# ̄)?Thank you? so much for your ??excellent service??????

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    Fast service! Highly recommended!

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    快速, 好

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    Fast delivery, top up within few minutes, bought two times from seller already. Seller even provides guide for your ease of purchase

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    Fast as usual

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    Fast but due to alipay need verification, take long time to solve

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    Helpful staff

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    Perfect Service! Love here!

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    快速, 好

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    Bought more than 5000 RMB here, no issues at all

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    Cant pay with paypal, a little inconvenient

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    Bought first time, good service

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    Will come again

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    快速, 谢谢

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