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Infinite Lagrange

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Game Description

Infinite Lagrange is a 3D mobile sci-fi 4X strategy MMO game where players take control of a space fleet sent into a newly-discovered star system in the Milky Way. The game features classic city-building mechanics with real-time combat, highly-social and diplomatic gameplay, and multiple victory conditions.


  • Explore The Edge Of Space – use the Lagrange Network of space teleporters to travel to and colonize a new star system together with other galactic captains, explorers, and industrial companies.
  • Upgrade Your Base – slowly improve your base of operations from a small speck in space into a massive stronghold capable of supporting multiple fleets and defending against multiple attacks.
  • Build Your Fleet – start off with a handful of frigates and build up your fleet with a variety of unlockable and customizable ships of different classes, including destroyers, cruisers, carriers, and massive battle cruisers.
  • Join or Create a Union – join a player-created Union and work together as a team to launch attacks, clear mining fields, or defend against attacks.
  • Conquer The Star System – strategically take over NPC and player-controlled outposts to expand your reach and occupy more territory with the goal of gaining full control of the star system together with your allies.
  • “Dawn Funding” Battle Pass – earn currency and research boxes that contain random ship blueprints, tech points, and weapon upgrade chips by engaging in various activities.

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