Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (SEA) Zeny

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$1 / 1 M zeny

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How Ragnarok M Zeny Trading works:

  1. Player puts item on Exchange.
  2. Wait two hours and make sure it’s an unique item.
  3. Place order and we will buy the item.
  4. Player receives Zeny.

Due to the system bundling up similar items, the only way to make sure we are purchasing YOUR item is by making sure it is unique.

What does unique item mean?

Unique item refers to the only item of its kind in the listing.
How to get a unique item?

Go to any Blacksmith in a major city. Enchance your equipment to +5 or above.

Enhancement and Refining Video Guide

How to set unique item for Ragnarok M Zeny Trading:

  1. Put up your item into the Exchange.
  2. Wait 2-HOURS for the Snapping Period to run out.
  3. Check after 2-HOURS and see if your item is still unique (the only item of its kind for sale).
  4. Place order and tell us what is your item.
  5. We will purchase the item and you will receive the Zeny.

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What happens if there’s a duplicate?

There’s a big chance that we end up purchasing someone else’s item due to how the system works. So please make sure your item is the only item for sale in its category.

How to Place Order:

  • Equipment Name:
  • Equipment Types:
  • Price:
  • Screenshot of your listed item:



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