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Saint Seiya: Awakening (SEA)

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Game Introduction

Saint Seiya is a mobile game masterpiece that perfectly restores the classic of Japanese comics. 12 Golden Saints and all classic characters are back to the Sanctuary and waiting for your summon. Freely set up an exclusive team, flexible match strategy to win! Breakthrough the common gameplay and bring you an enjoyable gaming experience! In addition, the beautiful game graphics, cool combat effects with the lineup of top Japan Character Voice, brings you the unique audio-visual enjoyment! When the classic theme song sounds on, the cosmo power will burn you up again.

Game Features

Authentic copyright game by Masami Kurumada, who develop the Saint Seiya that take everyone to join the journey of the legendary battle such as, Galactic Wars, the 12 Zodiac War, the Battle of Poseidon, the Temple of the Gods undersea, the Sacred Garden of Twin Sala War, the Wailing Wall War and lets everyone to release the Pegasus Meteor Fist, Rosan Rising Dragon Punch and other such cool skill! Return to the best moment with Seiya and be a child forever!

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