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Zenless Zone Zero

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Game Description

Zenless Zone Zero is an all-new 3D action game from HoYoverse that takes place in a near future, with the world plagued by a mysterious disaster known as “Hollows.” Dual Identities, a Singular Experience In the near future, a mysterious natural disaster known as “Hollows” has occurred. Consequently, a new kind of city has emerged in this disaster-ridden world — New Eridu. This last oasis has mastered the technology to co-exist with Hollows and is home to a whole host of chaotic, boisterous, dangerous, and very active factions. As a professional Proxy, you play a crucial role in linking the city and the Hollows. Your story awaits. Build Your Squad and Fight Fast-Paced Battles Zenless Zone Zero is an all-new 3D action game from HoYoverse, designed to provide a thrilling combat experience. First, build a squad of up to three and begin your assault with Basic and Special Attacks. Then, dodge and parry to neutralize your opponents’ counterattacks. When they’re stunned, unleash a powerful combo of Chain Attacks to finish them off! Remember, different opponents have different traits, and it would be prudent to use their weaknesses to your advantage. Immerse Yourself in the Unique Style and Music Zenless Zone Zero features a unique visual style and design. With its carefully crafted character expressions and fluid movements, you’ll easily feel immersed in the fascinating world as you embark on your own journey. Moreover, every VIP deserves their very own soundtrack, so you’ll also have emotional beats full of drip to accompany you in each unforgettable moment. Various Factions and Stories Entwined Random Play can’t operate without videotapes, and Proxies can’t operate without Agents. In New Eridu, customers from all walks will come knocking. Therefore, don’t be fooled by their innocent and cute appearances, don’t be afraid of those who tower over you and look dangerous, and don’t turn away the fluffy ones who might shed fur all over your spotless floor. Instead, go and talk with them, learn about their unique experiences, and allow them to become your friends and allies. After all, this is a long path, and only with companions will you be able to walk far.

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