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Immortal Kingdoms M

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Game Description

Immortal Kingdoms M: Experience an Epic MMORPG Adventure!

Download Immortal Kingdoms M now and enjoy this awesome action MMORPG! Plunge into a challenging world of adventure with epic battles, stunning 3D graphics, and exciting tactics. Customize your character, go on epic quests, and dominate in battle.

Immortal Kingdoms M offers entertainment, excitement and antics in epic battles! Challenge your skills, compete on the leaderboard, and earn achievements. Enjoy an immersive storyline, develop your skills, and unleash ultimate skills. Become a character collector, relax, and enjoy competitive multiplayer modes with a sense of belonging in the game’s growing community!

How to Purchase Immortal Kingdoms M in Moogold:

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  2. Besides, provide your User ID.
  3. Then, proceed to checkout and select your preferred payment method.
  4. Finally, upon completing the payment, the Diamonds Pack will be credited to your account shortly.

To find your Immortal Kingdoms M User ID, follow these steps:

  1. First, log in to the game using your account.
  2. Next, tap on the “Setting” icon, which is located at the bottom left corner of the game screen.
  3. Finally, your Immortal Kingdoms M User ID will be displayed.

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