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Nida Al Harb Gift Card

$ 5.00$ 1,000.00


Product Description

Forge alliances between empires and command your army into this World War Modern military SLG game. This modern warfare strategy game is full of action. Launch massive military invasion campaigns to nuke your enemy’s army and terrorist’s militia to eventually capture the nuclear base. Battle nations and conquer with empire alliances, build an army base with modern tanks, aircraft and missiles. march into enemy territory with force and power.

Nida Harb 3: Alliance War
  • Lead your army as the Commander in Chief.
  • Posses the Nuclear Button to launch missiles and Atomic Bombs
  • Plan Military Operations – Call Army for Duty on Base.
  • Construct 20 Defense Walls Shields and Panzers to protect your civilization
  • Mine nuclear and radioactive substances for reactors
  • Join Partner Alliances from 192 Countries
  • Upgrade and Research for solar energy and wind energy
  • Nuke PVP enemies with chemical weapons on aircraft carriers
  • Conquer nuclear base with machine guns, panzers, radioactive bombs and war tanks

How to redeem Nida Al Harb Gift Card:

  1. Please visit the website:
  2. Log in using your “Special ID.”
  3. Click on “My Wallet.”
  4. Enter the “Code” in the “Enter Code” box.
  5. Click on “Use Code.”
  6. Congratulations! You can now use the added Tags to purchase items from the Store and use them in the game.

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