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League of Legends (Malaysia)

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League of Legends (Malaysia) only available for Malaysia 


Game Description

League of Legends is an online MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) where players battle each other using in-game champions. With hundreds of different champions available in game, players must work together with their teammates in order to defeat the other team.

This requires skill, strategy and lots of teamwork!

To summarize a MOBA for you, 5 players on each team join an arena that consists of 3 lanes. Each lane has minions that spawn and travel down the lane until they meet the enemies minions in the middle. Each team has 3 towers in each lane followed by an inhibitor which leads into your base. Inside your base is a Nexus guarded by 2 more towers. For a team to win they must destroy the other team’s Nexus or make the other team surrender.

It might sound fairly simple, but with several different game modes to spice things up and lots of variation in the champions, the game is anything but repetitive. To make things even more interesting, there is a competitive ranking system that allows players to compete with each other to become the best.

The best players at the end of a competitive season are awarded virtual prizes depending on how well they did. This can be anything from rare limited edition in-game skins, to icons and banners to show off to their friends.

So what spawned the creation of this League of Legends game and why does it stand out from the rest?

The best aspect of MOBA is the huge population creating amazing fan-art and community.

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