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How to pay with credit or debit card on Moogold

Want to pay with Credit / Debit Card but don’t know how to pay with credit or debit card on Moogold? Here are the steps to get started : select-usd-currency
  1. Go to Select USD / MYR currency. Currently, credit / debit card payments only support USD/MYR currency.
checkout 2. Click on the cart button and click checkout as shown in the picture above. checkout 3. Fill in all the billing details, sign and select Credit / Debit Card (MYR) payment options. You are able to use any currency to pay, the bank will automatically convert the currency to MYR. credit-debit-checkout 4. Enter your credit / debit card details (No space is allowed), accept the terms and condition and click place order. bank-otp 5. Please wait for the page to load and it will direct you to your bank website to key in OTP (One-Time-Passcode). If your page did not load, please try to clear website cookie, cache, switch to another browser or try a different card. If the issue still persists, please do contact support. sms-otp 6. The OTP that is required for step 5 will be sent to your phone via SMS. Please make sure that the amount is correct and the company name is MooGold Enterprise. If everything is correct, please enter the OTP you received at your phone to the textbox in step 5. payment-approved 7. After the payment is successful, you will be redirected to this page. Contact the live chat with your order id and get your game items delivered. Here is how to pay with credit or debit card on Moogold.

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