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Step-by-Step Guide: Buying on MooGold with USDT TRC20

Switch from Binance Pay to USDT TRC20 and Save on Transaction Fees With the recent announcement on September 21, 2023, Binance Pay has shaken up the crypto payment landscape by imposing a 1% transaction fee on all its transactions. While this might be a deal-breaker for many looking for cost-effective transaction methods, we have a solution for you: the USDT TRC20 payment method.  

Why You Should Consider USDT TRC20 Over Binance Pay

  1. No Transaction Fees: Unlike Binance Pay’s newly introduced 1% fee, USDT TRC20 offers a fee-free transaction experience. It means more savings with each transaction.
  2. Stability and Security: USDT, or Tether, is a well-regarded stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar. Its TRC20 version operates on the TRON blockchain, ensuring both stability and swift transactions.
  3. Universal Acceptance: Being a popular stablecoin, USDT TRC20 is widely accepted across various platforms, making it a versatile choice for both merchants and consumers.
Here is how to use USDT TRC20 payment method in MooGold.
  1. Select currency as USD in MooGold.
  2. Add your favourite item to cart and click “Proceed to Checkout”.   3. Select USDT TRC20 as payment method, tick I have read the terms and condition and click “Place Order”. 4. You’ll be directed to the payment page. Please copy the payment address and choose the right amount to pay. Once payment is made, confirmation will be received within 1 minute. *Please be aware of withdrawal fees for USDT TRC20 on your chosen exchange. Some exchanges may charge fees to withdraw, which are not covered by MooGold. 5. Payment is successful. Enjoy your product! Do not hesitate to contact us via MooGold Live Chat if you face any difficulties!    

OPTIONAL: How to purchase via MooGold by withdrawing from Binance

  1. Select withdraw or go to this link to withdraw
2. Select USDT coin, enter the address shown in MooGold to withdraw and select TRX TRON (TRC20) Network. 3. Enter the amount to pay (withdraw) and make sure the network fee is covered before you withdraw. (The resulting amount should match the MooGold amount).
4. Click withdraw and follow the required steps to complete the withdrawal.  
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Enabling for Online Transactions in India for Credit / Debit Card

As per the latest guidelines from the Reserve Bank of India, banks may disable credit and debit cards for online transactions by default if the card is newly issued, renewed, or has not been used for online transactions. However, you can easily enable your cards by following the steps provided below. Please note that these steps may vary depending on your bank’s policy and discretion, and it is recommended to contact your bank or card issuer directly for the latest information. You will also be required to enable International Usage to make payments in MooGold. For more info, please contact your bank or card issuer directly for the latest information. SBI BANK – CREDIT CARD (a) Login to SBI Card app/website; (b) Navigate to “Cards Usage” section; (c) Click on “Manage card transactions”; (d) Enable your card (e) Enter OTP to confirm changes SBI BANK – DEBIT CARD (a) Login to SBI YONO app/internet banking portal; (b) Navigate to “Service Requests” section; (c) Click on “ATM/Debit cards> Usage”; (d) Enable your card; (e) Enter OTP to confirm changes ICICI BANK – CREDIT CARD (a) Log in to the ICICI mobile app/internet banking; (b) Navigate to “Cards” section (c) Click on ‘Manage Card’ (d) Enable your card. Note: Internet banking users may have to verify the request with an OTP. ICICI BANK – DEBIT CARD (a) Login to the ICICI mobile app/internet banking; (b) Navigate to “Card Services”; (c) Select “Modify Debit Card Limit” option; (d) Select “Domestic card limit” option; (e) Set the limit and enable your card HDFC BANK – CREDIT CARD (a) Login to HDFC internet banking; (b) Under “Cards” option select “Request > Set Card Usage”; (c) Enable your card. Note: Internet banking users may have to verify the request with an OTP. HDFC BANK – DEBIT CARD (a) Login to HDFC internet banking; (b) Navigate to Debit Cards section and select “Request > Set Card usage”; (d) Under “Daily Domestic usage > Online Usage, select “ON” button to enable the card. Note: Internet banking users may have to verify the request with an OTP. AXIS BANK – CREDIT CARD (a) Login to your Axis mobile app/internet banking; (b) Under ‘Services’, click on “Manage credit card usage > Domestic Usage”; (d) Enable your card and submit AXIS BANK – DEBIT CARD (a) Login to your Axis mobile app; (b) Under “Services” option, select “Manage usage”; (d) Select the debit card and click “Continue”; (e) Enable your card. Note: Internet banking users may have to verify the request with an OTP. OTHER BANKS Please login to your bank’s mobile app/internet banking portal and follow the appropriate steps. Disclaimer: The steps mentioned below are for your general guidance and may be subject to the discretion/policy of your bank/card issuer. MooGold is not responsible for the factual accuracy or change in the process or any processes specific to your bank/card issuer. We request you to reach out to your bank for the latest process.   
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How to pay with Binance Pay

Binance Pay is a contactless, borderless and secure cryptocurrency payment technology designed by Binance.

If you do not have a Binance account, you may create a Binance account by clicking this link.

Benefits of using Binance Pay to pay in MooGold :

  1. There is no limit of purchase using Binance
  2. There is no verification required when you pay with Binance.
  3. No fees imposed when customer paying with Binance
  4. Able to top up to MooGold Wallet and use it whenever you want to.
  5. Deposit are done instantly, you do not have to wait for any confirmation.
  6. Able to pay with multiple different Alt Coins using Binance Conversion feature.
  7. Cheaper products as you will not need to pay any fees.

How to purchase Crypto using Binance P2P

Here is a short video from Binance on how to purchase Crypto using Binance P2P trading.

Steps to pay in MooGold with Binance Pay

  1. Login to your account and change your currency to USD (Binance only supports USD at the moment).

2. Select your desired item and click checkout, select Binance pay.

3. You may scan the Binance QR to pay with Binance app or click continue with payment to pay on website.

4. If you choose to pay with website, click confirm and enter your Pay PIN as shown.

5. (Optional) For Binance pay, we only supports USDT payment. If you do not have USDT you may use the conversion feature to convert your other coins into USDT and make payment here.

6. Once you have paid, you will receive your Top Up / Products immediately. If you still have any issue regarding payment, you may contact us via MooGold Live Chat at bottom left corner or email us at [email protected].

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How to pay with Alipay

What is Alipay?

Alipay is the most popular e-Wallet service in Asia. In China, millions of transactions are processed using Alipay each day! Residents use Alipay’s digital wallet on their smartphone to quickly and conveniently make payments in-store, online, and by money transfer.

How to pay in MooGold using Alipay?

  1. Switch to Chinese Yuan at the top right corner and select Alipay as the payment method, after that click place order. / 右上角切换到人民币,付款方式选择支付宝,点击下单。
 how-to-pay-with-alipay-1   2. Contact live chat and ask for the latest Alipay number, enter the Alipay number that was sent by the live chat here. / 联系客服并询问最新的支付宝号码,在此处输入客服发送的支付宝号码。     how-to-pay-with-alipay-22 how-to-pay-with-alipay-2 3. Enter the amount to pay and the Order Number as shown in the picture above. / 输入要支付的金额和订单号,如上图所示。 how-to-pay-with-alipay-3 *Note*: Please make sure you entered the correct Order Number else it may cause an unnecessary delay in receiving your order. / 请确保您输入了正确的订单号,否则可能会导致不必要的延迟。 4. After that, please take a screenshot and send this Alipay payment receipt to the live chat, please make sure the payment reference number is not covered.  /之后,请截图并将此支付宝付款收据发送给客服,请确保支付编号未被覆盖。 how-to-pay-with-alipay-4  
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How to place an order using MooGold credits?

  1. Login to your MooGold account and check whether you have the sufficient credits to make order here, make sure the currency is chosen correctly in the top right corner.

If you top up or get refunds from another currency, you can switch the currency at the top right corner to check for your balance as shown below:

2. Select the product you want to purchase, click Buy Now

3. Ensure you have selected the correct Payment Gateway, MooGold Credit in this case and click Place Order.

4. Next, click Pay to proceed.

5. Once payment is successful, you will be able to check your order status here or contact LiveChat if you have any questions about your order by giving them the Order Number shown.

Thank you and have fun purchasing in MooGold!

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PAN Number

What is PAN Number

Permanent Account Number or PAN is a means of identifying various taxpayers in the country. PAN is a 10-digit unique identification alphanumeric number (containing both alphabets and numbers) assigned to Indians, mostly to those who pay tax.

Why do we need PAN Number

Online fraud/scam, credit card theft and unauthorized access to payment accounts are common nowadays due to users’ lack of security sense. Documents are one effective way to identify and verify the payment is made by the user. This acts as a protection for the user as well as MooGold. User is required to provide their PAN Number as it is required by our payment processing side to keep our customer and MooGold secure.

MooGold does not store any sensitive documents provided by customers on our side. Once you have entered your PAN Number, your data will directly be passed to our payment processing to verify and you will be able to make payments after that.

What if I do not have a PAN Number

Unfortunately, it is compulsory to enter your PAN Number to make payment. If you do not have PAN Number, you may use your Parent/ Guardian or your friend’s PAN Number.

If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us via LiveChat or email at [email protected]

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How to top up WMZ wallet from a bank card and pay on MooGold (Manual Transfer Method)

You can add funds to your WMZ wallet in a few simple steps:

1. Log in to WM Keeper Standard and select your WMZ wallet from the main WebMoney Keeper menu.

2. Click  “Top Up” in the wallet`s menu.

Select  “From a bank card” as an option for adding funds.

3. Enter the amount you wish to add which should be no less than 3 WMZ. Enter your bank card details (the card number, expiry date, and CVC2/CVV2 code), click “Continue”.

4. Click “Continue”.

5. If you use a card with the 3D-Secure technology, you need to confirm the transaction by the established method.

6. On the successful completion of a transaction you will receive the following notification:

Information about the receipt of funds will be reflected in your WebMoney Keeper.

How to pay on MooGold with Webmoney (Manual)

  1. After selecting the products you want to buy, proceed to checkout. Make sure that your currency is USD before you proceed.

2. Select Webmoney(Manual), accept terms and condition and place order.

3. Send the total amount shown to the WMZ Purse. You MUST include your Order Number in the order notes.

Money transfer in WM Keeper Standard

To send money in WM Keeper Standard (Mini), do the following:

  1. Log into WM Keeper Standard.
  2. Choose the “Home” menu item and click “To a wallet/purse”

3. In the page that appears, enter the purse number to which you are making the transfer. Choose “standard”, via Escrow servicetime-protected, or code-protected payment type. Enter the money transfer amount and enter MooGold Order ID in the Notes section. You MUST do that in order for your order to be processed on time.

3. Confirm transfer via the confirmation methods activated for your WMID, confirm the money transfer via SMS or E-num.

4. If the operation is completed successfully, you will receive a notification as shown in the screenshot:

5. Send the transaction receipt to MooGold LiveChat to get your order processed.

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How to purchase Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.

Benefits of using Bitcoin to pay in MooGold :

  1. There is no limit of purchase using Bitcoin
  2. There is no verification required when you pay with Bitcoin.
  3. No fees imposed when customer paying with Bitcoin
  4. Able to top up to MooGold Wallet and use it whenever you want to.
  5. Cheaper products as you will not need to pay any fees.

Ever wonder how can you pay with Bitcoin on MooGold?

Before you start using Bitcoin, there are a few things that you need to know in order to use them securely. Below are the three simple steps to get started :

  1. Choosing the correct wallet
    A Bitcoin wallet is a software program where Bitcoins are stored.  There are two types of the most commonly used wallet, which is Mobile Wallets and Desktop Wallets. For the mobile wallet, you may use a Blockchain Wallet. Here is the Android version and Apple version. For desktop wallets, you can use Exodus for the beginner or Electrum for the advanced users.
  2. Buying Bitcoin
    There are also several ways you can buy Bitcoin. You can get them from Bitcoin Exchange, peer-to-peer directory, or Bitcoin ATM. Popular companies that allow you to buy are Binance, Coinbase, Bitstamp, Coinmama, or LocalBitcoins when all the other options are not available in your country, be sure to look for the best rates before making a purchase!
  3. Spend Bitcoin
    There are a growing number of services and merchants accepting Bitcoin all over the world. You may use Bitcoin to pay them. Of course, MooGold as well!

Steps to pay in MooGold with Bitcoin

  1. Change your currency to USD

2. After adding the items you want to buy. Next, go to checkout.

3. Fill in your billing details, signature. Next select Bitcoin as the payment method, agree to the terms and conditions, and click checkout.

4. You will be directed to the Bitcoin payment page. For mobile wallets, you can scan the QR to pay or click on “Open in Wallet” please make sure you pay the correct quantity as shown.

5. For desktop wallet users, you need to click on Copy. Next, copy the Bitcoin address and amount to pay with your wallet. Please make sure the address you send is correct.

6. You can also pay directly once you have purchased your bitcoin from the exchanger through the address, please note that some exchanger does charge withdrawal/transaction fees, so make sure that you have covered the fees.

7. Once you have paid, you can contact live chat with your MooGold Order ID to get your order delivered. Have fun!

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Garena Free Fire : Weekly & Monthly Membership

How does the weekly and monthly subscription work?

Subscription is a way to buy diamonds at a low price, which requires you to enter the game every day and redeem. The diamond is not cumulative, so if you don’t redeem in one day, the daily amount will be lost. 

  • Weekly membership: effective for 7 days. You will receive 60 diamonds per day, a total of 420 diamonds, and it will be 211% cheaper than buying diamonds directly from the store. 
  • Monthly membership: effective for 30 days. You will receive 60 diamonds per day, a total of 1900 diamonds and it will be 238% cheaper than buying diamonds directly from the store.
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Join the exciting contest and stand a chance to win 875 + 88 Pubg Mobile UC!


Good News!

MooGold is giving away 3 X 875 + 88 #PUBGM ON 16th March 2020 to 3 lucky winners!

The 3 Lucky Winners Will be messaged via Facebook Messenger on 16th March 2020 :

To join the contest : –

Follow These Steps :

Step 1) Go to our MooGold Fan Page.
Step 2) Like the post.
Step 3) Comment this post and tag @3 of your friends.
Step 4) Share this post and tag @MooGold, make sure your post is visible to the public.

Wait for the result to be announced on 16th March 2020. Good luck!

Note: Bonus UC will be credited by PUBG Mobile upon 1st purchase in games, we do not hold any responsibilities if you did not receive them. You may contact Livechat with your UC id to check if you are eligible for the offer.

Purchase your PUBG Mobile UC at MooGold now!

Thank you and have a wonderful day ahead!