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How to top up WMZ wallet from a bank card and pay on MooGold (Manual Transfer Method)

You can add funds to your WMZ wallet in a few simple steps:

1. Log in to WM Keeper Standard and select your WMZ wallet from the main WebMoney Keeper menu.

2. Click  “Top Up” in the wallet`s menu.

Select  “From a bank card” as an option for adding funds.

3. Enter the amount you wish to add which should be no less than 3 WMZ. Enter your bank card details (the card number, expiry date, and CVC2/CVV2 code), click “Continue”.

4. Click “Continue”.

5. If you use a card with the 3D-Secure technology, you need to confirm the transaction by the established method.

6. On the successful completion of a transaction you will receive the following notification:

Information about the receipt of funds will be reflected in your WebMoney Keeper.

How to pay on MooGold with Webmoney (Manual)

  1. After selecting the products you want to buy, proceed to checkout. Make sure that your currency is USD before you proceed.

2. Select Webmoney(Manual), accept terms and condition and place order.

3. Send the total amount shown to the WMZ Purse. You MUST include your Order Number in the order notes.

Money transfer in WM Keeper Standard

To send money in WM Keeper Standard (Mini), do the following:

  1. Log into WM Keeper Standard.
  2. Choose the “Home” menu item and click “To a wallet/purse”

3. In the page that appears, enter the purse number to which you are making the transfer. Choose “standard”, via Escrow servicetime-protected, or code-protected payment type. Enter the money transfer amount and enter MooGold Order ID in the Notes section. You MUST do that in order for your order to be processed on time.

3. Confirm transfer via the confirmation methods activated for your WMID, confirm the money transfer via SMS or E-num.

4. If the operation is completed successfully, you will receive a notification as shown in the screenshot:

5. Send the transaction receipt to MooGold LiveChat to get your order processed.

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